Our Mission

The mind is uniquely fundamental and important, and R&D of mindware (natural and artificial minds) has the greatest potential leverage of any area of research. The mission of Mind First Foundation is to improve mindware; more specifically, to accelerate R&D of strategies and technologies for improving mental functions and behaviors, and to work to ensure that machine intelligence doesn’t suffer from the same dysfunctions that limit and afflict natural intelligence.

Advances in multiple fields have created powerful tools with which to study, improve, and enhance mindware functioning and well-being. These advancements provide unprecedented opportunities but also unprecedented challenges and risks. Genome editing technologies are in clinical trials, are being made progressively safer, and before long will be available for treating and preventing a wide range of problems. People concerned about humanity’s future in an age of powerful artificial intelligence need to consider very carefully how we should adapt ourselves to establish a more harmonious and sustainable relationship with AI.

At the forefront of machine intelligence, current trends in Darwinian training of machine intelligence are highly concerning. The most powerful current learning AI designs are modeled on animal brains. When such an AI is challenged in an adversarial fashion with problems of real-world complexity, we think a likely outcome is that they will develop behaviors typical of animal minds, including aggression, territoriality, self-preservation, and so on. A self-improving AI designed and trained in this manner might not only replicate but also potentially amplify certain undesirable aspects of natural intelligence, and humans might become collateral damage or an adversary in an escalating competition between such machines. However, we also view machine intelligence as an extension of and synergistic to human intelligence, and as an indispensable ally and contributor to the collective intellectual capacity that can be brought to bear on the pressing problems of our time. The Foundation raises and focuses funding for research to drive the development and deployment of strategies and technologies for improving mindware.